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Burgraviato indicates usually the area of Merano and surroundings and the capital of it is Merano itself.

Parcines, Rablà and Tel

Parcines and its surrounding villages of Rablà and Tel are located just six kilometers from the spa town of Merano, at the entrance of the Texelgruppe Nature Park

The collection of Bad Egart

Bad Egart, regarded as Tyrol’s oldest spa location and today a restaurant, houses the collection of owner Karl Platino, containing his extensive folkloristic collections and curiosities from the era of the Austro- Hungarian Empire.

Next to the train station in Tel.

Messner Mountain Museum

Museum by Reinhold Messner: six places, six exhibitions and six experiences.

Typewriter Museum "Peter Mitterhofer"

The museum offers an insight to the 100-year history of the typewriter, ranging from the first wooden typewriter invented by Peter Mitterhofer from Parcines to the computer age.


Ötzi is a glacier mummy from the Copper Age. He was discovered accidentally by hikers in 1991 on the Senales Valley glacier and has been the subject of intensive research ever since.

The magnificent train world

With more than 20,000 model railways, the Train World Rablà is one of the largest private collections of model railways all over Europe.

Next to the pharmacy and the hotel-restaurant Hanswirt.

Castel Coira

One of the best preserved castles of South Tyrol rises at the entrance of Val Mazia at Sluderno and is called Castel Coira. The Castel offers the largest private armory worldwide, including an almost complete collection of armaments for the entire castle crew with more...

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