About Parcines

Parcines and its surrounding villages of Rablà and Tel are located just six kilometers from the spa town of Merano, at the entrance of the Texelgruppe Nature Park.

At the end of the 19th century, the famous Austrian dramatist Arthur Schnitzler described our home village as follows: "Parcines was there as if a tired God had daubed it on the mountain slope and all people walked in such a relaxed way as if breathing were their only activity and spring lied over the mountains and valleys in a heavy and dreamy way".

Well, we inhabitants of Parcines aren't that phlegmatic anymore because we spoil and feed our guests with lots of energy and good mood. The motto today is experiencing sporting adventures and dedicating yourselves to the pleasures of life and relaxation in a rural ambience.

Inhabitants ca. 3.200
Accomodation approximately 150
Main town / village Parcines, 642 metres above sea level
Suburbs Rablà (525 metres above sea level); Tel (508 metres above sea level); Tablá; Vertigen; Monte Sole; Quadrat
Square metres / cultural landscape 607 hectares of orchards, fields and meadows; 1,336 hectares of forest; 2,611 hectares of Alpine greenland.

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