Castle Tyrol

The venerable masonry of the picturesque Castle Tyrol has witnessed hundreds of years of history. With apple orchards and vineyards on all sides, the castle is surrounded by idyllic landscape. This former home of the Counts of Tyrol was used as a political headquarters until the 15th century. Today the castle houses the South Tyrolean Museum of History, where the many artefacts on display bring old stories of the Tyrolean landscape to life. Take in the historic ambiance of the castle courtyard and marvel at the Roman portal in the castle chapel, one of the many works of art on display within the castle walls.

Bird of Prey - Flying Demonstration at Tyrol Castle The daily flight shows on Tyrol Castle hill are an inspiring experience for young and old alike. Twice a day at 11.15 am and 3.15 pm captive-bred falcons, vultures, eagles, buzzards, kites and owls are released to fly above the Merano basin. The centre’s primary role is to nurse injured birds back to health and return them to the wild as soon as possible. 

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