Hiking in autumn - Hotel Rablanderhof

Discover: hiking trails with a view around Parcines & Merano

The journey is the destination

High up, towards summit happiness, or enjoy walking along the Waalweg: feeling every muscle the most beautiful thoughts will come to your mind. Forget the world for a short time and focus on the essentials. Warming rays of sunshine on your face let pure joie de vivre come to light. Hiking is meditation in motion. This is because the way to the summit is always part of the way to yourself. Your hosts, Lydia and Alena, are always happy to help you choose a hike.

And for insider tips are the hostesses Lydia and Alena

Beautiful Waterfall - Hotel Rablanderhof
Parcines waterfall

The largest in South Tyrol and one of the most beautiful in the whole Alpine region. After a one and a half hour hike starting from the Parcines village centre, you can enjoy the captivating natural spectacle. The mighty waterfall is particularly impressive in spring for its visitors when 10,000 litres of clear mountain water thunder down the rocks every second.

Waalway - Hotel Rablanderhof

In the midst of fruit trees and chestnut groves the Waalwege (irrigation paths) in the Merano region are excellent to explore. The channels built in the 13th century ensured a fair distribution of water in the orchards and thereby ensured the harvest. Today they connect numerous paths in the area as an extensive hiking network. Probably the most beautiful irrigation channels among them: the Parcines Waalweg, the Rablà Waalweg, the Marlengo Waalweg and the Lagundo Waalweg.

Altitude path - Hotel Rablanderhof
Merano high altitude trail

High up, at dizzy heights, an impressive view awaits you: over the Merano region, the Ortles massif and to the Dolomites. The Merano high altitude trail (No. 24) leads through the most beautiful area in six daily stages over a distance of around 110 kilometres South Tyrol Nature Park, the Texel Group, and provides insights into its diverse flora and fauna. The individual stages are also a popular hiking tip as a day tour.

Spronser Lakes - Hotel Rablanderhof
Spronser lakes

Ten bright blue mountain lakes are at home in the heart of the South Tyrolean Texel Group. From the mountain station Alla muta cable car, they can be reached on a hike of around 18 km. The various shades of blue and green in the lake landscape are just as fascinating as the flora and fauna that live there.

Alpine hike - Hotel Rablanderhof
Alpine pastures and cable cars

With five cable cars and the chair lift in the immediate vicinity (two of which can even be reached on foot from the hotel), you can reach the starting point for a wide variety of alpine hikes in no time.